SOS Talisman Stainless Steel Plain Bracelet


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The Stainless Steel Medical ID bracelet supplies essential identification information about the wearer in case of an accident, illness or emergency.

Medical ID jewellery is perfect for alerting people of your condition or allergy and has proven to be life saving.

All of our stainless steel products are incredibly durable and won’t tarnish, making them perfect for people on medication.

This capsule bracelet holds unique information on a strip of non-soluble paper securely within the capsule. The capsule consists of an SOS Talisman logo on one side with a plain face perfect for personalised engraving.

For perfect fit we advise measuring the wrist and adding half an inch for the overall length you can have a scissor clasp or a lobster clasp on this item.  The picture shows a scissor clasp.

SOS Talisman is recognised internationally by the emergency services – a reputation that has been built by offering a reliable, valuable and cost-effective service to all of our customers over many years.


The SOS TALISMAN contains vital information about the wearer in case of an accident or illness. Information about you is revealed on the spot, like:

    •    Your name

    •    Who to notify in an emergency

    •    Whether you have allergies

    •    Your blood group

    •    What medication you are using

    •    If you are a diabetic

    •    If you are a heart patient

    •    If you are pregnant

It’s all detailed in a unique information strip of non-soluble paper that is securely contained in the SOS TALISMAN capsule.


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