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Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings have a long history, with their first recorded use dating back to Ancient Egypt. They’ve been a Western custom since the time of the ancient Greeks. The gold wedding rings in particular is a timeless symbol of your everlasting commitment to that special person in your life. They’re a relatively common sight, so you may never have wondered how it is they’re made. But if you’re in the market for a wedding ring, some background knowledge might help to inform your decision. This article will give you a peak behind the scenes so you can find out how gold wedding rings are made and how they’re resized.

How are gold rings made?

The process for making a gold ring will clearly vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of ring being made, but there are some commonalities across the industry. If the ring is bespoke, the jeweller will ask the client what design they’d like and make a sketch.

Then a wax model of the ring is made and sent off to the factory. Sometimes rings are made in a mould using the wax model as a template, but other times they’re made out of a band of gold that is then joined. The band is closed by soldering. The size of the ring, if the ring is bespoke, is chosen before and set using a tapered rod called a mandrel.

The rest of the manufacturing process involves smoothing and buffing the gold to give it a well finished and shiny look. If the ring has diamonds, these will be fitted as well. Finally, the ring is thoroughly cleaned, normally with a jet of steam, to remove any residue from the manufacturing process. And there you have it, the ring’s ready to wear!

How are Gold Rings resized?

Choosing a wedding or engagement ring can be difficult, and it’s possible that your fiancé put so much work into choosing the right design that he or she may have miscalculated the size. Fortunately, this is really common and the solution is fairly simple.

For a ring to be resized, it has to be made of a type of metal that a jeweller can work with, like silver or gold. There’s also a limit to how much bigger or smaller a ring can be made, normally up or down two sizes. Any bigger or smaller and it can put too much stress on the ring.

Making a ring smaller is a much simpler process than making one larger. To make a ring smaller, it’s simply a case of cutting a section of the ring out and re-joining the two ends. To make a ring larger it’s possible for the jeweller to stretch the metal, but this will only work if the ring needs to be increased by half a size only. Any larger and the jeweller will cut the band and add an extra piece of metal before re-joining it all.

The whole process normally takes one or two weeks, so your ring will be back with you in no time!

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